Library Services

Wireless Internet Access:

Free Wi-Fi service is accessible 24/7. Patrons may use the own devices inside or outside the library when the building closed.


Patrons may check out three DVDs for seven days. 

Public Computers:

Computers are available for use during regular business hours. Those taking tests or completing job applications have priority. 

Copies or Prints:

The library charges $0.10 per page for black and white copies and $0.25 per page for color.

Audio Books:

Books on CD are available.   

Interlibrary Loan

If we do not have a book, we can get it for you from another library.  


Storytime is held every Friday at 10 am.

Summer Reading Program:

Contact the library for specific dates, times, and events. 

Kansas Library Card:

A Kansas library card allows patrons to check out electronic books. See the library director to obtain a state card. 

Rotating Books

Approximately 300 books from North Central Kansas Libraries are exchanged every two months.


State of Kansas eCard:

State of Kansas Library has several different apps.




You will need a State of Kansas Library card number (available at HPL). 


KSL Number: ex 999999


AND password (your birthday mm/dd/yyyy): ex 01/01/2020.


Click on DIGITAL BOOK eLENDING.  There you will see several different apps for either eAudiobooks or eBooks.  Each one is a little different and has instructions for use.  When you click on the instructions, you will learn if the app is compatible with your device.

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